Why Elect Sean Hu?

Sean has all the credentials to represent his constituency in Ottawa as Member of Parliament:



Sean received his master’s degree in Political Science from York University in 1992 and CGA designation in 1998.



Sean has earned his recognition as an authority in international taxation. He has been practicing tax since 1998 focusing on international tax planning and tax appeals; has authored International Tax Planning for Enterprises, Canadian Tax Resident & Non-resident, Tax Planning for New Immigrants, Canadian Real Estate Tax Guide, Canadian Tax Guide For Business, The Complete Guide to Canadian Taxes, and other books in Mandarin Chinese; and has been invited to speak and teach in some of the top universities in China.


Political Involvement

Seanhas organized community petitions/meetings and made presentations on behalf of various community organizations before the Parliamentary Committee, All-Party Entrepreneurial Caucus, and Policy Forum of the House of Commons of Canada.


Community Service

Sean understands and loves the communities; the community and charity organizations Sean has established or served as director/advisor include: Chinese Business Chamber of Canada, Centre for Information and Community Services of Ontario, Transitional Council for College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario, The Federation of Ontario TCM, Cherish Integrated Services, and SCBA.


Sense of Justice

With experience in representing taxpayers at the Tax Court of Canada, Sean has volunteered to represent community organizations in Ontario’s Superior Court and the Court of Appeal with leave granted by the courts for human rights litigation.


Why Scarborough-Agincourt?

Sean and his wife Laura (dentist) have been practising their professions in Scarborough-Agincourt since 2007; this is where their daytime home is.